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Tweaking Windows 8



Tweaking Windows 8

A guide to tweak and optimize Windows 8.

Lasted edited 18 January, 2013

tweak – to change slightly, esp. in order to make something more effective or correct.
optimize – get the most out of, make optimal  – modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost




Windows 8 represents a major change in the way Microsoft thinks we use computers. For better or worse they have attempted to unify the user experience across a variety of devices including tablets, laptops, tablet-laptop hybrids, phones, and PC’s. Windows 8 is designed for touch screens. This guide is aimed at using Windows 8 as a desktop PC and/or laptop without touch capabilities. It is not about completely eliminating Metro but rather doing most of the work in desktop mode while taking advantage of the new features in Metro. In other words, this guide is for people who want to get stuff done. With that said…

Welcome to the 4th of my operating system tweak guides, Tweaking Windows 8. Like the Windows XP (first version created in 2002!), Vista, and Seven guides before it, the aim of this guide is to make your Windows experience a little better.

Tweaking Windows 8 is different than my previous tweak guides. Since Windows 8 offers different environments and ways of doing things I’ve decided to approach to this guide differently. Instead of trying to anticipate the dozens of different ways someone will or can do something in Windows 8 I’m going to show you the way I do it, from start to finish. Some folks may be disappointed in this but I’ve no intention of writing a several hundred page book. I’m not an author or journalist. I’m just a Geek that likes helping folks.



There are bad tweaks posted all over the web. See my article Bad Tweaks for an always updated list.


Notes & Ramblings

– No snake oil here. If you are looking for a guide that claims to increase Windows 8 performance, this ain’t it. I’ve looked in every nook and cranny and I haven’t found nor have I heard of any legitimate performance tweaks for Windows 8. Some sites will claim that there are tweaks that make Windows 8 faster. This simply isn’t true. If you come across a site, guide, or software that claims to be able to make Windows 8 faster, then to quote Jenny, “Run Forest, Run!“. Many of the tweaks presented here and elsewhere can make the system a little snappier which gives the illusion of better performance. Microsoft has done an excellent job with the last 2 versions of Windows. Performance wise you can consider Windows 8 as “Windows 7 Tweaked”.

For best performance:

1 – Hardware. Upgrade to: SSD, 4GB or more of RAM, add-on video card (AMD / Nvidia).

2 – Current drivers are key

3 – Set it up right

4 -Maintain it

5 – Back it up

– So why this guide? Points 2, 3, and 4 above. Also, some folks find Windows 8 do be difficult to use. Others have been scared away from Windows 8 by all the FUD written about it. It is my hope that this guide makes using Windows 8 a better experience for you.

– Performance tweaks. Long-time readers here at TweakHound may have noticed less performance tweaks with each successive OS tweak guides and reduced claims of performance enhancements resulting from use of said guides (to the point now where I believe there are no tweaks that will enhance the performance of Windows 8). The reason is two-fold:

1 – PC’s are more powerful. Most folks don’t use the potential of their computers. PC’s today have more CPU, RAM, and drive space than the average user needs or uses.

2 – Microsoft has continually tweaked the core of the OS and many of its settings (I swear they’ve been listening to tweakers too). In most instances and despite Metro, Windows 8 is truly better and faster at its core than Windows 7.

– Many of the tweaks used for Windows 7 still work on Windows 8, especially the desktop. However not all of them apply and I’ve tried to note some of those. Additionally, I’ve put some of these in the Bad Tweaks section.

– Hardware. Don’t buy garbage computers or parts. In the computing world you get what you pay for and there is no way around it. It used to be that the best price / performance ratio for parts is 2 steps down from the current fastest. These days the sweet spot seems to be 3-5 steps below the fastest.

-This guide is specifically aimed at home users using the normal account type (administrator).

-In the steps provided in this guide accepting the UAC prompt (or disabling UAC) is a given and thus ignored.

-There are many ways do accomplish a task in Windows 8. As alluded to above this guide is aimed at folks who will primarily be operating in the desktop environment. If I attempted to describe every possible way to do something this guide would be 100’s of pages long. Therefore I’m going to use the way I accomplish the task.

-SEARCH, SEARCH, SEARCH. You can find nearly everything you would want to do in Windows 8 by using the Search Charm or the Search Box provided by a 3rd party Start Button replacement. Learning to use it is the best tweak there is!

– Yes, this guide is “screen-shot heavy”. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I’ve worked my butt off on the research and creation of this guide (hours and hours and hours and…). Please don’t rip-off my work.

Before you begin tweaking, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER!


Article Contents

Bad Tweaks
Notes & Ramblings

Tips For This Guide
What to call the new interface?
The Windows + Pause|Break keys
The Windows + R keys
The Run box is < The Search Box
Closing Metro Apps

Settings For User Accounts
Types of Login
Create A User Password
How To Change The User Account Picture
How To Login Automatically
Powers User Menu
Add a Start Menu Button
Disable System Sounds

Move Your Libraries

Customize The Desktop
Customize the Taskbar
Customize the Notification Area
The Action Center
Advanced Clock Settings
God Mode

Customizing Metro
Arranging Tiles
Resizing Tiles
Naming Groups
Getting Rid Of Tiles
Restoring Default Tiles
Show Administrative Tools
Customize Folder Options
Folder View Options


Windows 8 Networking
Disable The Home Group
Windows 8 Network Tweaks

Windows 8 Power Settings
Power Plans For Laptops
Windows 8 Fast Startup
Disable Fast Startup
Windows Mobility Center
Add a Windows Mobility Center shortcut to your desktop

Windows 8 Security Tweaks
Windows Defender
Configuring Windows Update

The Page File, SuperFetch, and ReadyBoost
The Page File

Windows Backup And Recovery Options
Refresh and Reset
System Restore
Accessing Windows Recovery Settings Offilne
Windows 7 Backup
File History

Regedit only tweaks

User Interface Tweakers
Classic Shell
Classic Start Menu
Skip Metro Suite

Maintaining Your Computer
Receiving Updates When Available
Secunia PSI
Ninite Updater
Checking for problems
Reliability Monitor
Advanced Performance Information and Tools
Generate A System Health Report
Task Manager

Clean, Defrag, & Optimize
Disk Cleanup
Advanced Disk Cleanup

Appendix 1, Learn Windows 8 – Official Microsoft Guides
For Home Users
For advanced users or IT types


Buy Tweaking Windows 8 Printable PDF (Over 100 pages for – $5 U.S.)




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