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Nov 132012

winupdateSecurity updates available for:

-XP, 2K3, Vista, 2K8, Seven, Eight, 2K12

– Microsoft Office 2003-2010, Excel Viewer, Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for November 2012

Sep 202011

Bad Tweaks

(last edited 19 October, 2013)
The following is a list of Windows tweaks that either do not work, do not work as advertised, or that are better left alone.
Many of these once worked in some version of Windows and virtually every tweak guide and program use or has used these tweaks. My guide also used to contain some of them. It has taken a considerable amount of research and testing to come to these conclusions. While others have incorporated these into other guides and tried to pass it on as their own work I’ve done the investigation and benchmarking (and AFAIK I was the first to publish these en masse on the web). I’ve Googled up one side of the net and down the other. Sometimes I think I’ve seen every page at Microsoft. I’ve hosed installs, applied and removed settings, and spent more time tracking the registry than I care to admit (far more than I would like my wife to know about!).
The original version of this guide was part of my XP Tweak Guide.
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Aug 132011

Lame title I know but what else was I going to call it? :mrgreen:th
Backup week has concluded. I’m a little burned out from testing, editing screen shots, making videos, and writing.
(Do I sound like a whiny Hollywood type or what?!)
Time for a PBR and maybe a nip of Jack.
I’ll leave you with the list of backup articles from this past week:

Backup Using Acronis True Image Home
Backup Using Windows 7 Backup And Restore
Using Windows 7 System Image
Windows 7 Backup Options
Freeware Data Backup – Cobian Backup 10
Backup Files Using SyncToy
Backing Up Mozilla Firefox
Backing Up Google Chrome
Backing Up Internet Explorer
All-In-One Free Email Backup- MailStore
Manually Backup Web Mail
Backing Up Mozilla Thunderbird
Backing Up Microsoft Outlook

PLEASE share this with your friends and family!