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Aug 132011

Lame title I know but what else was I going to call it? :mrgreen:th
Backup week has concluded. I’m a little burned out from testing, editing screen shots, making videos, and writing.
(Do I sound like a whiny Hollywood type or what?!)
Time for a PBR and maybe a nip of Jack.
I’ll leave you with the list of backup articles from this past week:

Backup Using Acronis True Image Home
Backup Using Windows 7 Backup And Restore
Using Windows 7 System Image
Windows 7 Backup Options
Freeware Data Backup – Cobian Backup 10
Backup Files Using SyncToy
Backing Up Mozilla Firefox
Backing Up Google Chrome
Backing Up Internet Explorer
All-In-One Free Email Backup- MailStore
Manually Backup Web Mail
Backing Up Mozilla Thunderbird
Backing Up Microsoft Outlook

PLEASE share this with your friends and family!

Jul 032011

Just a quick note. 2 of the Windows Gadgets I use have been updated.
Network Monitor Gadget – Updated to version 4.0
SysInfo – Was updated back in February to version 2.4 (I just found out)
For a screenshot of them on my computer click the pic below (I’ve modified the look of the gadgets to my liking):

Jun 042009

I’ve spent the last few weeks updating the following guides in preparation for Windows 7 guides. There has been a lot of cleanup, clarifications, and several additions. As the name intimates the XP guide will not be revised again. The Vista guide may follow the same fate. I’ve never been shy about the fact that I did not like Vista. Those who are using Windows 7 know that it will probably leave Vista as just a bad memory. Once 7 comes out I will not have any Vista computers left (only 1 left now). At any rate, I hope you enjoy these guides and that they may be of some help to you.

TweakHound’s Super XP Tweaking Guide – SP3 Final

The Right Way To Install Windows XP

Tweaking Windows Vista

Installing Windows Vista

May 262009

The service pack cleanup tool has been renamed for SP2. The command is now compcln.exe.
Run this command from the command line. After running this command you WILL NOT be able to uninstall SP2.

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