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Oct 202015

win10network_iconAs an old network guy, “TweakHound don’t do no Homegroup”. My home network is a mixed mess of Windows 7, openSUSE, Linux Mint, and Win10. These all interact via a standard Windows workgroup.
I’ve found Windows 10 workgroup networking to be a little wonky (to be kind).
Here are a few tips that have made my home networking easier:
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Sep 232015

thpinpostlogoI get a few emails a month about dual / multi-booting, hosed bootloaders, “my X hardware doesn’t work with Z operating system”, “my X program doesn’t work with Z operating system”, etc. While I certainly understand there are folks who want direct OS/hardware interaction I believe far too many people choose to dual-boot when they don’t have to. Continue reading »

Apr 082015

gwxEarlier this week several Geek sites parroted an article at MYCE entitled Update for Windows 7 and 8.1 silently installs Windows 10 downloader (nice work there guys!). Although the article did not bash Microsoft, commenters around the web were pissed off. At first I thought these comments might be a little bit of anti-Microsoft hysterics. Still, it made be curious enough to research the issue. Now, I’ve changed my mind…
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Apr 022015

speakerEveryone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll.Keith Richards

4 years ago I wrote a popular article called Fun With Audio Players. That version contained a variety of audio player programs. Since folks asked about my Winamp setup from here I thought I would re-do that article. This version only contains the 2 audio players I use for listening to music:
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