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Nov 242015

My post on DiagTrack was picked up by a number of places including Forbes, Betanews, and Softpedia.
Paul Thurrott seems to be rather upset about “articles like this”. I’m honored!
I wonder what he thinks about this?!
I should note, again, that I did not make this discovery alone. I had help from a reader.

CCleaner Monthly Update
Release Notes
***Pay attention during install. May attempt to install unwanted programs.
FYI – I use the portable version.

Release Notes v5.12.5431 (24 Nov 2015)
– Improved Firefox 42 Cache cleaning.
– Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning.
– Improved Skip UAC on Windows 10.
– Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers.
– Optimized cleaning rules loading routine.
– Improved localization and language support.
– Minor GUI Improvements.
– Minor bug fixes.

Aw man, I want one.
Star Trek Communicator prototype was a final frontier too far for Google

Lucas Out
George Lucas is done with Star Wars. He gave us episodes 4,5, and 6 but he also gave us episodes 1,2, and 3, and, Jar Jar Binks. Still, that’s too bad.

Nov 232015

www_newsPlaying a little catch-up today!

DWS Lite 1.6
Destroy Windows Spying updated.
FINAL VERSION Spy fully functional blocks at the moment. For the program will be released only bug fixes, and minor changes after this release.

My go-to Swiss army knife of file extractors has released its 1st non-beta in 5 years!
(Thanks to David M. for the heads up!)

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB Firmware
User A.G. reports that he just got a notification that firmware version EMT02B6Q was available for his drive despite the fact it was reported released in September.
A quick Google search shows a few other folks asking about it this week too. If you have one of these you may want to fire up the latest SSD Magician and check.

Stuff From Around The Web…
TrueCrypt is safer than previously reported, detailed analysis concludes
Administrative Tools in Windows 10
Fedora 23 Xfce review
Windows 10 pilot rollouts will surge in early 2016, says Gartner
Comcast injects copyright warnings into browsers, raising privacy concerns

Nov 102015

windows securityTH2?
“They” said Threshold 2 would be out today. No sign of it here.
Posted on Nov. 9th by @GabeAul on Twitter: “Not yet, will be a couple more days for ISO

Time To Run Windows Update
Got Windows and/or MS Office? You’ve got updates.
Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for November 2015

Adobe Flash patched again? No, say it isn’t so!
APSB15-28 Security Updates Available for Adobe Flash Player
Download Flash
Get Flash for IE in Win 8/8.1/10 via Windows Update.
Latest version of Chrome has it too (see below when released)
Related: 8 of top 10 vulnerabilities used by exploit kits target Adobe Flash Player

Google Chrome Updated
The stable channel has been updated to 46.0.2490.86 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This release contains an update to Adobe Flash Player ( and security fixes.
Download or update from within the program.

Newegg Premier, 3 Months Free (takes a while to get the code)

Other News And Random Stupidity

The geek distrust of telemetry risks making software dumber
What the hell do they put in the water cooler at ZDNet?

“Why would you buy a PC anymore?” asks Tim Cook
It’s only Tuesday and we have the winner for Tool Of The Week!

Own a Vizio Smart TV? It’s Watching You
The tracking — which Vizio calls “Smart Interactivity” — is turned on by default for the more than 10 million Smart TVs that the company has sold.

Nov 052015

exitblackholeThreshold 2
Lots of folks are thinking the latest insider build (10586) is indeed TH2 RTM.
In an effort to avoid having my every move sent to Microsoft I stopped doing insider builds on my main rig.
Since TH2 official is “supposed” to be released Tuesday I’ll wait.
The place to watch for the real scoop is

New Nvidia Drivers
GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL 358.87
Release Notes

Rockets Red Orange/Yellow Glare
Last October a NASA rocket exploded at Wallops Island in my state. They just released some awesome pics of the event.

Speaking of NASA
They have the details on some Geeks that spotted something leaving a black hole!

Cool Stars Wars Vids
10 Star Wars Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen
10 Star Wars Movie Mistakes You Missed

Nov 022015

hardocpGet The Latest SSD Info
[H]ardOCP has a great article detailing the recent goings-on with SSD’s. They have buying advice too.

Threshold 2
The “experts” told us TH2 would be released today.
Instead Microsoft will apparently release it on Patch Tuesday, which kinda makes sense, even though Patch Tuesday was supposed to go away.

Firefox 42 Hits Mirrors
Not official yet.
Download (en-US)
Download other systems and languages
Release Notes

AMD Drivers
Changes are afoot.
AMD is ditching Catalyst Control Center in favor of newly architected solutions dubbed Radeon Settings, which is a critical part of what AMD is calling the Radeon Software Crimson Edition.
Head over to Hot Hardware for more info and videos!

New Star Trek Series
Oh hell yeah!
CBS Television Studios announced today it will launch a totally new Star Trek television series in January 2017. The new series will blast off with a special preview broadcast on the CBS Television Network. The premiere episode and all subsequent first-run episodes will then be available exclusively in the United States on CBS All Access, the Network’s digital subscription video on demand and live streaming service.

Sep 302015

www_newsWin10 Cumulative Update KB3093266 Available
This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.”
Cumulative update for Windows 10: September 30, 2015

Start10 1.02
My Win10 start menu of choice has been updated. “Bugfixes
Version history

Firefox 41.0.1 On Mirrors
Not officially released yet. U.S version here.
When this version becomes official use the links below.
Download (en-US)
Download other systems and languages
Release Notes

TrueCrypt Vulnerablities Found, Switch to VeraCrypt
VeraCrypt Patched Against Two Critical TrueCrypt Flaws
Download VeraCrypt

Sep 252015

CCleanerCCleaner 5.10
“Improved”, “Added”, “Optimized”…
Version History
***Pay attention during install. May attempt to install unwanted programs.

Google Chrome Updated, Again
For the second time this week Chrome has been updated. Security fixes.
The stable channel has been updated to 45.0.2454.101 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Download or update from within the program.

Adobe Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements 14
Adobe has updated the consumer version of Photoshop. While it is the best photo editing software I’m not sure it is worth the $150 asking price.
Freeware alternatives: