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Nov 022015


1.honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions:
a man of honor.

Last week Microsoft doubled down on trying to force Windows 10 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. This despite the outrage that has sprung up around the internet since GWX and it’s related telemetry issues came to fore.
In his blog post, Terry Myerson claimed “you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer”. That’s a statement the Washington D.C. spin doctors would love.
1 – By default Windows 7 and 8 downloads and installs updates to examine your computer and send that info back to Microsoft. They never ask you, they just do it.
2 – Starting next year, Microsoft will make Windows 10 a recommended update. Most folks computers are set to “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.” This means starting next year Microsoft will download Windows 10 to your computer WITHOUT ASKING YOU.
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Nov 012015

thpinpostlogoLast updated 01NOV2015
This is version 3 of my scripts to remove and block Windows 10 updates and related telemetry.
I’ve seen multiple posts at websites and forums telling folks how to deal with GWX. Most of them either don’t go far enough, or usually, they go way too far and break stuff.
This applies to Windows 7 ONLY.
Why Windows 7 only? I wrote this for my own use. My personal view is that I can’t understand why anyone would replace Windows 7 with Windows 10. On the other hand, the only trace of Windows 8 I have left is one a virtual machine.
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Oct 202015

win10network_iconAs an old network guy, “TweakHound don’t do no Homegroup”. My home network is a mixed mess of Windows 7, openSUSE, Linux Mint, and Win10. These all interact via a standard Windows workgroup.
I’ve found Windows 10 workgroup networking to be a little wonky (to be kind).
Here are a few tips that have made my home networking easier:
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Oct 052015

win10_logon_logoI was going to do a poll on this topic but I thought any answers might be too limiting. So I thought I would give this a shot.
I’m genuinely curious as to why folks have jumped to Win10.
I brought back comments as a way to get feedback but I’ve gotten very little. Please leave a reply.

Sep 292015

tinfoilhatA lot has been made of Win10’s supposed privacy issues. On one extreme you’ve got folks claiming Microsoft is outright spying on you and even making claims it is a government spy tool. On the other extreme you have the Microsoft fanbois claiming everything is above-board, harmless, and for your own good. Me. I’m somewhere in between.
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Sep 132015

nfl2Are You Ready For Some Football?
First Sunday for pro football!

About The GWX Auto Downloads
I’m not sure why all the fuss this week. We Geeks have warned you about this from the inception. Forum members at places like MDL have been shouting about this daily for many months. I first warned about GWX in April. I have a post on blocking this 3 weeks ago. Yes, this is a massively shitty thing for Microsoft to do, yes I think someone should be fired over this, yes I think it calls for lawsuites, but like I said, we Geeks warned you. This isn’t new news and you should be careful about trusting sites/people that act like it is.

Site Polls
The results of the “What Windows OS is your main OS?” poll kinda shocked me. I didn’t think so many of you would jump to Win10 so fast. I’m also a bit disheartened that so many people are still using XP.
I put a new poll up. Let me know what you think of Win10 —>>>

New / Revised Microsoft Win10 Docs
Exploring Windows 10 v2.0
Microsoft Edge v2.0
Cortana v2.0

Your next PC will look like Microsoft Surface – Wanna bet a years wages on that?