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Aug 192015

win10_logon_logoBelow are several benchmarks articles for Win10. They cover general use, gaming, SSD’s, and audio.
In general they found performance on par with Windows 8. Folks running new SSD’s on PCIe NVMe should look at upgrading. Ditto for people working with audio.
For the gaming benchmarks, keep in mind DX12 games are just coming out.
If you know of a benchmark article that should be included let me know.
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Aug 162015

thI’m always looking for answers. I’ve learned when searching you need to remove their forums from search results ( -answers ).
Some “experts” post the same insipid, unproductive answer to almost every problem. sfc /scannow is a useful tool but it isn’t this fracking useful:

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Aug 102015

thEvery sane person worries about privacy issues online. IMHO, Win10 causes legitimate privacy concerns. However, there is the “tinfoil hat brigade” that IMHO takes things way too far. I haven’t wanted to jump the gun on addressing these issues. This sites first rule of tweaking has always been “Primum non nocere” (first, do no harm).
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Aug 062015

win10_logoThis info isn’t new, I didn’t discover it, and it’s all over the web.
It’s been out for months, I don’t know who found it first or I would give them credit.
I’m using it, but it isn’t for everyone. I’ve posted pics below. Notice the title bar is hard to read.
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