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Dec 032015

thpinpostlogoSeems that something in the O&O Shutup10 setting I was using and recommended to folks was making Win10 not find updates.
We got it sorted out. I’ve adjusted the guide accordingly and I apologize if this caused anyone any issues.
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Nov 252015

win10_logoWhy TH2 Was Pulled
Betanews reports TH2 was pulled because of a bug where “Some settings may not have been retained when applying the November update“. In the KB Microsoft mentions that “a few settings preferences may have inadvertently not been retained for advertising ID, Background apps, SmartScreen Filter, and Sync with devices.” It was and is way more settings than that but whatever.

TH2 ISOs Are Back
Official Threshold 2 ISOs are now back and downloadable via the Media Creation Tool.
Guide here.

Win10 Uninstalling Programs?
From Reddit / Reddit via Betanews via Ghacks. Some users report Win10 is uninstalling some programs with consent.

Nov 222015

win10_logoMicrosoft has pulled the new Threshold 2 ISO’s. Ed Bott has the full story.
Note: They have not pulled TH2, just the ISOs. TH2 is still available via Windows Update.
Bottom line there is a bug or bugs in the ISOs. Rather than find it and fix it Microsoft wants you to install the first Win10 build ISO and then download and reinstall another 2-4 gigs of files and update. Is Win10 becoming a tragic comedy?
Where to get TH2 ISOs and ESDs:
2: Torrents:

Authors note: This story appeared all over the web overnight. As near as I can figure Ed Bott is the original source. “Journalists” often don’t source or barely source their information anymore. Many of them choose to just rewrite the original article without adding anything and post it as their own work. Disgusting.

Nov 192015

thThis is part of the Windows 10 Tweak Guide.

Windows 10 Privacy Settings
Page 1 – Intro, Windows Insider Program, Use A Local Account
Page 2 – Windows 10 Built-In Privacy Settings
Page 3 – Telemetry, Cortana
Page 4 – Wi-Fi Sense, Update & Security
Page 5 – Windows Defender, Services, Microsoft Browsers
Page 6 – Apps To Tweak Privacy Settings

Windows 10 does a lot of communicating with Microsoft servers. Many people find this to be somewhere between an annoyance to an outright invasion of privacy. Some folks suspect it’s even worse than that. For its part, Microsoft steadfastly insists that they do not invade your privacy, that any information sent back to Microsoft is “anonymous”, and that it is for your own good. I will leave it up to you to decide.

This section will show you your privacy options, the settings I use, and 3rd party apps that can help you configure your settings.

It should be noted that turning off some settings can hamper the ability of some built-in and Microsoft Store apps to function properly. Since I don’t use these things I haven’t run into a single issue.

Windows Insider Program

This is a neat program for those that want updates before everyone else or Geeks that live on the bleeding edge. It also sends the maximum amount of data back to Microsoft. If privacy is a concern, then don’t use this.

More info:

Use A Local Account

If you are using a Microsoft Account and privacy is a concern you should switch to a Local Account. Be warned you will lose syncing. If this is important to you then skip this.

More info:

Let switch to a Local account:

Choose All settings

Choose Accounts

Choose Sign in with a local account instead

Enter current user password

Enter the new User name, Password, and Password hint.

Sign out and finish.

Nov 182015

win10_logoJust released.
*Edit 1811hrs* KB is up now:
This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10 Version 1511.
Boy that is helpful.
Description from update:
Install this update to resolve issues in Windows. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

Nov 162015

thI still do computer work as a side job. One of my pet peeves is seeing stuff stored on the desktop. I’m not talking a couple of files for a few days, I’m talking docs, pics, pdfs, mp3s, videos, etc. I see dozens and dozens flooding the desktop. It’s chaotic and ugly. It makes backups harder too. Need to use System Restore? All the files on your desktop will be gone!
Put your stuff in the folders they belong in!
bang your head metal health will drive you mad