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Jan 092016

Sorry for the lack of posts, downtime, and site being slow. I’m still looking for the right web host for this site.
Obviously Godaddy isn’t up to the task.
Thanks to folks who wrote in suggestions. The web host I choose needs to be big enough to have redundant servers (I would prefer those servers be on the East Coast U.S.A., Virginia if possible). The server should run on SSD’s and support should have live chat with folks who actually know WordPress AND SSL. Help should be available during migration. “Here, go read this article” that doesn’t really apply to my question isn’t support.

Dec 292015

aceofspadesFlash Updated
APSB16-01 Security Updates Available for Adobe Flash Player
Flash for IE
Flash for other browsers
Main download page
Windows 8/8.1/10 users check Windows Update. Microsoft will get around to updating it…eventually.
Google Chrome users, ditto.

Firefox 43.0.3
On some Windows configurations, improve the decoding of some videos on YouTube
Fix network issue when using Nvidia’s Network Access Manager

Download 32-bit (en-US)
Download 64-bit (en-US)
Download other systems and languages
Release Notes

Interesting Reads
Recently Bought a Windows Computer? Microsoft Probably Has Your Encryption Key
In Defense of the Server GUI
Techno-skeptics’ objection growing louder

Lemmy – Born To Lose, Lived To Win
Meadowlark Lemon, Harlem Globetrotters’ Dazzling Court Jester, Dies at 83 (If you aren’t familiar with his work, check YouTube)

Dec 102015

frownI am aware of the problems with the comment system. My web host is looking into it.
Googling the issue myself I think the latest WordPress update screwed the pooch.
I am sorry.

***Update 14:59:16 12/11/2015 
Might be fixed? Give it a shot and let me know.

***Update 2, 18:02:36 12/11/2015
Looks like it is fixed. Contact me if not.

Dec 022015

google chromeGoogle Chrome Updated
The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 47 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Chrome 47.0.2526.73 contains a number of fixes and improvements — a list of changes is available in the log. Watch out for upcoming Chrome and Chromium blog posts about new features and big efforts delivered in 47…
This update includes 41 security fixes.

Download or update from within the program.

New Nvidia Drivers
GeForce Game Ready Driver 359.06 WHQL available for Windows Vista – Win10.
Windows 10 Fixed Issues
There are no new fixed issues to report for this release.
Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista Fixed Issues
Call of Duty: Black Ops III crashes on NVIDIA hardware.

Release Notes

Site News
Last week I switched the site font to Open Sans. I wanted to make the site easier to read across platforms and operating systems. I think it looks better too.
Open Sans is a free Google Font. As of this writing there are over 1700 FREE fonts/font variants. Many of them are awesome. Here are some download links if you’re interested.
Google Fonts (main page)
Google Fonts (github) (has download all link)
Download all Google Fonts:
Open Sans

I downloaded all, extracted, then searched that folder for ttf fonts ( *.ttf ).
Then I copied them to a separate folder and installed the ones I liked.

Nov 242015

My post on DiagTrack was picked up by a number of places including Forbes, Betanews, and Softpedia.
Paul Thurrott seems to be rather upset about “articles like this”. I’m honored!
I wonder what he thinks about this?!
I should note, again, that I did not make this discovery alone. I had help from a reader.

CCleaner Monthly Update
Release Notes
***Pay attention during install. May attempt to install unwanted programs.
FYI – I use the portable version.

Release Notes v5.12.5431 (24 Nov 2015)
– Improved Firefox 42 Cache cleaning.
– Improved Google Chrome Download History cleaning.
– Improved Skip UAC on Windows 10.
– Improved detection and cleaning of portable browsers.
– Optimized cleaning rules loading routine.
– Improved localization and language support.
– Minor GUI Improvements.
– Minor bug fixes.

Aw man, I want one.
Star Trek Communicator prototype was a final frontier too far for Google

Lucas Out
George Lucas is done with Star Wars. He gave us episodes 4,5, and 6 but he also gave us episodes 1,2, and 3, and, Jar Jar Binks. Still, that’s too bad.

Nov 232015

www_newsPlaying a little catch-up today!

DWS Lite 1.6
Destroy Windows Spying updated.
FINAL VERSION Spy fully functional blocks at the moment. For the program will be released only bug fixes, and minor changes after this release.

My go-to Swiss army knife of file extractors has released its 1st non-beta in 5 years!
(Thanks to David M. for the heads up!)

Samsung 850 EVO 1TB Firmware
User A.G. reports that he just got a notification that firmware version EMT02B6Q was available for his drive despite the fact it was reported released in September.
A quick Google search shows a few other folks asking about it this week too. If you have one of these you may want to fire up the latest SSD Magician and check.

Stuff From Around The Web…
TrueCrypt is safer than previously reported, detailed analysis concludes
Administrative Tools in Windows 10
Fedora 23 Xfce review
Windows 10 pilot rollouts will surge in early 2016, says Gartner
Comcast injects copyright warnings into browsers, raising privacy concerns