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Oct 222013



Tweaking Windows 8.1

A guide to tweak and optimize Windows 8.1.

Updated for Windows 8.1 Update 1. Lasted edited 07 April, 2014

tweak – to change slightly, esp. in order to make something more effective or correct.

optimize – get the most out of, make optimal – modify to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity or time or cost


“ – Home Of The Original Tweak Guides”

Article Index

Bad Tweaks
Notes & Ramblings
Useful Links

Tips For This Guide
What to call the new interface?
The Windows + Pause|Break keys
The Windows + R keys
The Run box is < The Search Box
Closing Metro Apps
Windows Help & Tips

Settings For User Accounts
Account Types
Local An Microsoft Accounts Defined
– Local Account
– Microsoft Account
Which should you use, a Local or Microsoft Account?
Accessing Account Settings
Signing On With A Local Account During A Clean Installation
Signing Up For A Microsoft Account After Installation
Using The Windows Store When You Use A Local Account For Sign-In
Switch To A Local Account
Create A User Password
How To Change The User Account Picture
How To Login Automatically

Move Your Libraries
View Libraries In Explorer

Customize The Desktop
Boot To Desktop Or Start Screen
Start Button
Add a Start Menu Button
Disable System Sounds
Customize the Taskbar
Customize the Notification Area
More Desktop Customizations
The Action Center
Advanced Clock Settings
God Mode

Customizing Metro
Arranging Tiles
Resizing Tiles
Getting Rid Of Tiles
Restoring Or Adding Tiles To The Start Screen
Naming Groups
Show Administrative Tools

Customize Folder Options
Folder View Options
Optimize Folders

Search Options – Disable Bing Integrated Search


Windows 8 Networking
Disable The Home Group
Windows 8 Network Tweaks

Windows 8 Power Settings
Power Plans For Laptops
Windows 8 Fast Startup
Disable Fast Startup
Windows Mobility Center
Add a Windows Mobility Center shortcut to your desktop

Windows 8 Security Tweaks
Windows Defender
Configuring Windows Update

The Page File, SuperFetch, and ReadyBoost
The Page File

Windows Backup And Recovery Options
Refresh and Reset
System Restore
Accessing Windows Recovery Settings Offilne
Windows 7 Backup
File History

Windows 8.1 And SSDs

Regedit only tweaks

User Interface Tweakers
Classic Shell
Classic Start Menu

Maintaining Your Computer
Receiving Updates When Available
Secunia PSI
Ninite Updater
Checking for problems
Reliability Monitor
View performance details in Event Log
Generate A System Health Report
Task Manager

Clean, Defrag, & Optimize
Disk Cleanup
Advanced Disk Cleanup
More Advanced Disk Cleanup


Appendix 1, Learn Windows 8 – Official Microsoft Guides
New For Windows 8.1
For Home Users
For advanced users or IT types





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