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Sep 092013

earthYesterday I saw a post from a software vendor that bothered me (more on that in a bit). It got me to thinking.
Though I don’t inquire about the country of origin of an app I’m aware that I use software from all over the world. Off the top of my head: U.S.A, Russia, Ireland, Germany, India, Norway, and China all quickly come to mind (though I’m sure there are a dozen others). Also as a Linux user I know that most of that software is truly global. These vendors do not go out of their way to trumpet where they are from and honestly I don’t care.

That is until you put it in my face.

The post I referenced above stated in part (I’ve edit the country); “Let the power of ‘Their Country’s‘ Technology keep your PC…”.
I read that and I thought, wait, are you saying your software is better because of where it is from?

I dunno, am I being overly sensitive or is that messed up?

Does where software is produced matter to you?