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Nov 222012

win8logoThis post will show you how to:

1 – Create a Windows 8 Recovery Disc (CD or DVD).

2 – Create a Windows 8 Recovery Flash Drive.

Recovery media will help you troubleshoot, fix, refresh Windows 8 in the event of a problem.


Create a Windows 8 Recovery Disc

*Note – To use the recovery disc you need recovery media that matches your architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).


– Insert a blank CD or DVD.

– Press the Windows + R keys (run command) > type recdisc and click OK.


– Choose the drive containing your blank media and click Create disc.


– That’s it!



What mine look like:





Create a Windows 8 Recovery Flash Drive

*Note – To use the recovery drive it needs to match your architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).


– Insert your flash drive now.

– Press the Windows + R keys > type recoverydrive.exe and click OK.


– or from the Metro, oh wait, :roll: , the Modern Windows UI, click the Search charm >

type recovery drive > click Create a recovery drive



Click Next


Select you flash drive and click Next. (Be darn sure you picked the right drive)



You’ve been warned. Click Create and you’re done!



If you cannot make the iso’s yourself:

Please do not link to these files. Download may be moved or removed at any time (bandwidth costs money).




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