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Feb 212011

I’m doing some testing for the next version of the Windows 7 tweak guide and I would like your help.

The noguiboot tweak has been around a while though I have never messed with it. It is said to improve boot time.
What this does is eliminate the boot animation at startup.
To get to this setting open msconfig: press the Windows + R keys > type msconfig (or type msconfig in the start menu search box) >
Click the Boot Tab > enable No GUI boot.

After enabling this I need you to check the event viewer (you can wait until you completed all requested actions, no need to do it after every boot.)
You will need to go to Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > Diagnostics-Performance > Operational.
You can do this by:
1 -Typing event viewer in the start menu search box. Then navigate down to that log.
2 – Press the Windows + R keys and copy/paste this:
3 – You can also create a shortcut on your desktop and use the above as the location.

Info I need:
1 – 6 boot times. 3 with the No Gui Boot enabled, and 3 with it disabled (default).
You should you the same boot process for all of them (either reboot or full shutdown / restart) (full shutdown / restart preferred).
I just need the time as listed in this log. i.e. 23192ms
Please post results in the comments section of this post.
Please list it like this:
1 –
2 –
3 –
1 –
2 –
3 –


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