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Sep 282008

Puran Defrag is a relatively new program. It’s origins only date back to August of 2007. I get lots of requests to review software and after a little research about the product and/or company I usually turn it down unless there is something there that piques my interest. In this case it was the positive comments by Donn Edwards, author of The Great Defrag Shootout.

I’m not going to bore you with too much information or too much hype. After doing my research and testing I found it just wasn’t necessary. My defragger of choice has been PerfectDisk and this short review will compare the two.

-Both have excellent scheduling options.
-Both have the option not to run on battery power.
-Both have near 100% efficiency at standard (non-boot time) defrag.
-Both have excellent boot time defrag. This is for files that cannot be defragged while windows is running. As near as I can tell both these programs are the only two that can move just about every type of file.
-Both are very fast at what they do. For those who want to defrag drives while they work, Puran has a low priority defrag option to minimize CPU use.
PerfectDisk 2008 – $39.99 regular price. On sale for $29.99 until Sept. 30 ( 25% off using code September25 ).
Puran Defrag – $24.95 regular price. On sale for $19.95 (no ending date posted, no coupon necessary).

Let’s see what PerfectDisk has to say about the job Puran Defrag does:
No fragmentation, 100% performance!

Puran Defrag is a fast, efficient, low-cost defragger. It is now the defragger I will recommend and the one I will put on peoples systems when I do custom builds. Let me put it this way. Puran provided me a free copy to evaluate. I actually went out a purchased a copy for myself. I spent my own money on it. That’s about as good a recommendation as one can give. Puran Software is a new, small company. The big boys of the defrag world better watch out for the new kid in town.

*Test System – Windows Vista 64-bit. RAID 0 and non-RAID drives tested.

**I neglected to mention there is a free 30-day trial:
I hope you guys give it shot and let me know what you think.

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