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Jul 022014

samsung_ssdSamsung has released:
Samsung Data Migration Software v2.7
Samsung Magician Software v4.4

Samsung SSD 850 Pro is out and seems to be awesome:
The performance is there. The endurance is the best of the class. Heck, even Samsung’s feature and software suites beat the competition by a mile. To be honest, there is not a single thing missing in the 850 Pro because regardless of the angle you look at the drive from, it it will still top the charts.

Feb 192014

nvidiaGeForce 334.89 WHQL Windows drivers:
Performance Boost
Increases performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games vs. the previous WHQL-certified drivers.

Linux 331.49 driver:
Adds support for GeForce GT 710 and GeForce 825M, bugfixes, experimental support for ARGB GLX visuals when Xinerama and Composite are enabled at the same time on X.Org xserver 1.15.